Deo 1000Cc Heater White

Product Code: 159003
  • €80.36
The Deo 1000cc white wax heater heats up quickly and allows flexibility to use more than one choice of wax by the inner wax bucket supplied.

Sparkling white, this Deo 1000cc white analogue wax heater is smart, clean and professional # perfect for making a great impression. Including an inner wax bucket, locking lid, locking protective collar and removable mains lead, it#s a robust heater that looks great in any salon. The analogue controls are easy to use, with clear indicator lights allowing for easy heating. Suitable for all depilatory and paraffin waxes.

Suitable for the heating of warm, creme and hot wax for depilatory hair removal and paraffin waxes for paraffin heat therapy treatments, The unit also works well at both the lower and higher temperatures required for both paraffin and depilatory hot waxes respectively.

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