Kiepe Brutale Hair Clipper

Kiepe Brutale Hair Clipper

Product Code: 544159
Category: Barber, Electricals
Type: Hair Clippers
Brand: Kiepe
Cord: Mains

Kiepe Brutale hair clippers are manufactured to the highest standards and offer an incredibly powerful and precise cut. The stylish chrome and black lid and powerful motor give it outstanding durability and has made it one of the best selling professional hair clippers in Europe. It#s ideal for all clipper work and comes with chrome-plated, rust-resistant blades with an integrated skin protection system.

It has a conveniently located thumb lever that lets you adjust the taper (from 0.6 mm#2.5 mm) without having to change the blades and now has a specially upgraded, more durable 3m power cable to make it even more convenient to use. It is supplied with 5 premium quality, clip on attachment combs which also have a magnet clip for extra safety.
  • €66.07

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